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Auto Transport Companies Can Make it Easy for You and Your Favorite Car

by: Jeffrey Anderson
01 Dec 2010

Are you taking advantage of a new career opportunity and planning the big move across country? Or perhaps you're a car enthusiast, and you make long distance trips to car shows with your classic car. How can you get your car to where you need it to be without adding a lot of miles and subjecting it to the wear and tear of a long road trip? Consider using the services of an auto transport company.

Auto Transport Companies for Any Occasion

You have probably passed auto-transporters on the interstate and admired the cars you could see loaded on the back. Perhaps there was a classic Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar on it that caught your eye, or maybe even a vintage Rolls Royce, it could have been any number of classic cars. Auto transport companies are becoming more popular for moving valuable cars as our highways become more congested. Nobody wants their classic 1976 BMW or 1950s Thunderbird convertible damaged in a fender bender, or even by an errant stone thrown up by a tractor trailer.

Auto transport companies also are becoming popular for people who want their luxury car available to use on their vacation, but don't want to spend 3 days on the road getting there. When you pass auto-transporters loaded with an assortment of fairly new luxury vehicles--brands such as Lexus, Infiniti, Lincoln, and Saab--there is a good chance they're headed across states, or across country to upscale vacation retreats.

Some auto transport companies even offer specialist transport for antique cars, so you know that vintage Jaguar should be in good hands. A few things to look for when you are selecting an auto transport company:

  • Licensed. Auto transport companies should be licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT also posts a performance bond for transporting vehicles.
  • Insurance. The more insurance they provide you, the better. Any possibility should be covered, and the amount of the insurance should match or exceed the value of your vehicle.
  • Experience. Check out their reputation in the car-moving business and, if possible, contact some past customers.
  • Types of Transporters Available. The two primary types of auto transporters are open-trailer and closed-trailer. Closed-trailer transporters are normally more expensive, but they keep your vehicle out of the weather while it's moving a long distance.
  • Cost. Compare rates for the distance your vehicle is traveling. You may be able to get a discount if one of the auto transport companies you contact is already headed in the direction you need to go and has some available space.

Whether you need to get your Honda to your new home across country, take your classic Lincoln to a car show, or want to use your Lexus while on vacation in Florida, take some time to learn more about auto transport companies and the services they can provide you.

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