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How to Choose an International Mover

by: Woodrow Aames
01 Dec 2010

If you're about to move abroad for a professional reasons, military obligations, to retire, or simply to enjoy the excitement of living in another country, you'll want to find an affordable international moving company. There's a wide range in fees charged by international shipping companies based on the size of your move and time frame for delivery. Cost-conscious consumers should shop around for rates for packing up and transporting contents of a three or four bedroom house and/or a car.

Among the essentials you need to check when choosing a mover to handle your international relocation are the prospective movers':

  • Insurance for possessions
  • Levels of service
  • Reputation
  • Registration and licensing for international moving
  • Affiliations with international moving or foreign trade organizations

Finding the Right International Shipping Companies

There are several moving options with international services: door to door, door to port, and port to door. They must be carefully choreographed for your international move to succeed. Door to door is the most comprehensive service available and, when combined with air transportation, can cut down the time of the move considerably. However, this option is the most expensive.

The planning and requirements for an international move are more complicated than a domestic relocation. When evaluating companies, ask about the timeline for completing the documents and the time movers can actually arrive at your residence to pick up your possessions. Shipping can take up to two months, depending on the level of service and time of year.

The international mover needs to be able to make seamless arrangements with the domestic mover who picks up your possessions, the freight forwarding company that clears your shipping container through customs and aboard the ship, and the international destination moving company that picks up your things at the port across the sea and transports them to your new home.

Ask your prospective international moving company about these details and get quotes from at least three companies to compare rates and services. Also ask:

  • If your prospective international shipping company offers storage facilities on the international side in case there are delays at your new residence
  • If they own their vehicles
  • Whether they plan to use subcontractor
  • If there's a local office in or near the city overseas where you'll be living

Be sure to ask your prospects for recommendation letters or contact information for former customers who have used their services. Follow up on them before making your final choice. Bon voyage!

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