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Self-Storage Facilities for Your International Move

by: Doresa Banning
01 Dec 2010

Self-storage is a convenient option if you are moving internationally and need a place to house your belongings for awhile. While the costs of self-storage units vary from facility to facility, the way these companies charge is relatively consistent.

Basic Self-storage Fee

When contracting for self-storage, the primary cost is for the unit itself. This amount varies, depending on the company, and it is proportionate to the size of the space you are renting. So the cost of a ten-by-ten-foot space, which can hold the contents of about a small bedroom, is less than that of a ten-by-thirty-foot unit, which can hold the furnishings of a two- to three-bedroom home.

If you do not know what size unit you need, you can view a size guide at SelfStorage.com or ask the self-storage company for guidance. They have a chart that correlates unit dimensions with either bedroom sizes or number of bedrooms in a home.

Along with the space, the rental cost covers lighting, environmental controls, security, and, possibly, insurance. In general, self-storage companies do not charge you for unit access.

Depending on how long you need the storage unit, you pay either by the week or month. Most companies require some money in advance, in the form of either a deposit or the rental fee amount for a specific time period.

You most often can terminate your storage contract on short notice. Typically, the company refunds in full for the storage time that you have not used. Also, you should get back your deposit if you fulfill the required exit conditions.

Potential Added Costs for Self-storage

You need a padlock. Some storage companies require that you use and pay for one of theirs. If you need special temperature controls on your space, you may pay extra for it.

Storage facilities may or may not have basic insurance to cover your belongings should they get damaged while stored. Some may require, before you rent a space from them, that you show proof of existing insurance if available, or take out a policy with them or their chosen provider. Your homeowners insurance policy may cover self-storage, but most people moving internationally do not maintain homeowners policy.

Some storage companies offer use of a moving vehicle, which may or may not be free. If it is free, it likely has a time limit, after which you are required to pay.

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