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Storage: Great Solutions for Many Life Changes

by: Allison Millar
01 Dec 2010

When furniture, books, and other worldly possessions start to take over your home, it's time to consider your many self storage options. Off-site storage units are an effective way to clear out a home while moving, remodeling or dealing with a variety of major life changes, such as divorce.

Storage While Moving

When moving, storage often comes into play early in the process. If you are selling a house, it's a great way to de-clutter and make the house more presentable to potential buyers. By cleaning out a few couches, chairs and table, you can make the house seem more spacious. You'll also make the house more neutral in its design, enabling potential buyers to see themselves in it. Storage is also a good way to keep your valuable or sentimental items out of the way of open houses or curious buyers.

Portable storage is a great option if you are in the middle of a move. You can have a portable storage unit delivered to your door. Once you fill it up, you can arrange to have it dropped off at your new home when you're ready to unpack.

Local Storage During A Remodel

If you are in the middle of a remodel, consider using self storage units to add a little normalcy to the daily routine. Instead of tripping over boxes of books, clothes, and kitchen supplies, move those possessions to a local storage facility. You'll want to go through the boxes carefully to make sure you're storing items you won't need for the duration of the project. Label them accordingly, so they are easy to move back into the house and put in place.

Storage is an ideal step before starting a room addition or kitchen remodeling. You'll free up space for the construction crew while limiting your frustration level. A self storage facility also provides a safe, dust-free environment for your belongings.

Storage During Life Changes

There are other life changes that prompt people to use local storage. When dealing with a death in the family, storage is the ideal solution. This allows family members to deal with the immediate issues without worrying about which belongings to keep or give away.

Divorce is another event that leads people to using storage. As everyone deals with living arrangements and potential custody issues, they can move items to a storage unit and go back to them later.

Storage is a great option in many different life circumstances. While moving, remodeling or working through a major personal change, set your possessions aside and focus on the issue at hand.

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