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Moving Boxes and Supplies that Fit Your Budget

by: Woodrow Aames
01 Dec 2010

It takes all kinds to move to a new home or apartment. There are those who turn it all over to a moving company, letting professionals box up their belongings and deliver them on the other end. Some people buy moving supplies and packing boxes, and just hire help to load and unload a moving truck. In the third kind are people on a tight budget, self-movers, students, or young families who put their things in packing boxes, rent a moving truck, or rely upon friends who own pick-up trucks to caravan over to the new place. No matter your type, you're going to need moving supplies.

Boxes, tape, and shock-absorption peanuts or newspaper are among the essentials. But if you have valuable furniture, wardrobe, appliances, and want to protect them in transit, you should extend the list of moving supplies to match your budget.

Let's Talk Moving Boxes

No matter how you get them, boxes are essential. Some people break down packing boxes from a move and stow them in the garage or closet for the next move. If you round up cheap boxes from a supermarket, your clothes may smell like figs or bananas. For the environmentally conscious, there are moving boxes made of recycled materials.

Extra large boxes (23×23x16) hold bedding, spreads, comforters, pillows. Large boxes (20×20x15) can handle appliances, computers, sound gear, or small TVs). Medium boxes (18×14x12) are ideal for books, family collectibles, CDs and DVDs, t-shirts, shoes. Kitchen moving boxes (18×18x22) are heavy duty and, when padded inside with bubble wrap or newspaper, can secure your breakable items.

Now consider the rest of the list of moving supplies:

  • Essential: Moving dolly with straps.
  • Essential: Tape, dispenser, marking pen, utility knives. These help seal up your boxes and mark them by content. Identify kitchen and bathroom boxes with an "open-first" tag. The knives are to open the boxes on arrival.
  • Essential: Bubble wrap, plastic popcorn, stretch wrap, newspaper. Wrap glassware, vases, artwork in bubble wrap and fill the moving box with additional popcorn or newspaper for padding.
  • Useful: Moving blankets, pads, and plastic covers. These are for wrapping large appliances or items that won't squeeze into a moving box. Plastic covers protect furniture. You'll find mattress covers that protect your bed from dirt, grease, or tearing during the move.
  • Optional: Floor or carpet savers. Puncture-resistant film protects carpet, hardwoods, and linoleum floors from damage during the move.

One last word of advise. You will need more moving boxes, tape, and padding (newspaper, popcorn, etc.) than you buy the first time. Store extras away for your next move.

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