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Portable Storage Units Can Be Very Convenient and Cheap for Movers on a Budget

by: Jeffrey Anderson
01 Dec 2010

They haven't been around long, but they're so convenient it makes you wonder why someone didn't think of them years ago. You may have seen them on the backs of trucks on interstate highways, or maybe sitting on the side of the road in your sub-division. If you are moving on the cheap, portable storage units are a handy way to keep your household belongings safe.

When Portable Storage Units Make Sense and Can Save You Money

For many years, people only used moving vans and trucks when they were moving to a new home. This method is still used by most people, whether they are self-moving, or hiring professional movers. However, there are times when choosing portable storage units can make things more convenient and cost-effective.

Consider portable storage units any time there is a chance you may not be moving directly into your new home. Here are a few examples of situations where portable storage units could be a wise choice:

  • Overseas transfer. If you are going to be working overseas for a year, and plan on buying a new home or renting a new place when you get back, portable storage units can prevent your household effects from having to be handled four times, reducing the chance for damage.
  • You've sold your home, and have no place to go. In today's real estate market, if you have a good buyer for your home, you may have to sell it before purchasing a new one. You and your family can stay in a hotel for awhile, or get a short-term lease for an apartment--but what about your belongings? Portable storage units are a convenient, safe, and affordable place for your possessions while you are looking for a new home.
  • A new home is being built for you. Few things are more frustrating than timing everything out so you can move into your new home just as you move out of your old home, and then being told by your builder that they are three weeks behind schedule. Portable storage units allow you to have a safe, on-site storage area for your belongings until your new house is ready. Ask the builder to show you an out-of-the-way place where the unit can be placed until the house is ready.

Before portable storage units, most people had to haul their items back and forth between various locations and a storage facility, which was costly, inconvenient, labor-intensive, and created more potential for damage of your belongings. Convenient and cheap, portable storage can eliminate these concerns and provide you with an excellent storage alternative.

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