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Finding Cheap Moving Services Can Save You A Bundle

by: Marshall McCauley
01 Dec 2010

Moving is never easy. Between loading up your belongings at your old house and unpacking them at the new one, there is a world of hard work, travel logistics, and necessary manpower. While full-service movers can make the relocation easier for you, sometimes you can make due with a cheap moving service.

Inexpensive Packing Services

Packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of moving, but paying professionals to help quickly adds up. Here are some ways to manage your time and your budget:

  • Call on friends and family. With a little planning on your part, and the offer of a pizza party, packing up your belongings with friends and family can be fun. It can even be a social event, and if you are moving far away, local friends may enjoy the opportunity to spend time with you before you go.
  • Use on-demand labor. Work force centers and local employment agencies always have available workers for temporary manual labor. These workers cost less that professional packing services, but do require some organizational oversight on your part.
  • Check the bulletin board at a local university or community college. Students are always in need of extra money, and you can find eager workers advertising their services in the student center or school book store. Keep in mind that these types of workers usually are not insured or bonded, so checking a few of their personal references would be a good idea.

Saving Money on Moving Services

If you want to hire professionals, be on the lookout for discounts for moving off season or mid-week. Trucking companies and moving services sometimes advertise discount rates when they have a truck that has reached a destination and is traveling with no cargo.

For a local, short distance move, consider asking a friend who has a pick-up truck or large vehicle. Remember to return the vehicle clean and with a full tank of gas!

Whether you are looking for self-service, cheap moving services, or premium full-service movers, a little effort on your part can make a big difference in the results. Stay organized, check references, and do some creative research online.


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