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Moving Supplies are the Key to Success

by: Greg Keefer
01 Dec 2010

Moving is a fact of life. Very few people stay in the same house they grew up in for long. Going off to college, a new job, and getting married are all occasions to pull out the boxes and fill out the change of address card.

Packing things the right way and with the right materials is the one guarantee that your possessions will arrive at your new residence in one piece. If you fail to pack your valuable belongings properly, you can face a lot of disappointment at the other end of the line.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right moving supplies to make your own move a success.

  • Use white tissue rather than crumpled newspaper. Although old newsprint can work to pack many items, it can leave ink smudges. Some items that can be ruined by news ink are white photo frames, china, knickknacks and figurines, lamp shades, delicate linen, doilies, cloth napkins, and tablecloths.
  • Free boxes and reusable packing boxes are great for small items. The cardboard keeps things from bouncing around when you use tissue, towels, sheets, newspapers, or bubble wrap for additional protection. Boxes also keep your things organized, which can make unpacking easier. They stack evenly and efficiently and use the available space inside a moving van or truck.
  • Filler for your boxes should prevent movement and provide cushion. A moving truck isn't the smoothest ride and your property can get jostled around quite a bit. Along with the standard packing choices, it may be worth investing in bubble wrap, foam chips, and peanuts to keep dishes from breaking.
  • Protect large items. Wrap table legs with cardboard tubes to protect them. Tape large pieces of furniture together with packing tape to keep them from banging into each other during transport. Use pads from chairs and couches as additional padding. Moving blankets are a great addition to keep wooden furniture from being scratched and upholstered items from getting dirty.
  • Other moving supplies come in handy. Crates are great during an extended move across country. Heavy crates are too large for short moves but great for the long haul. Items properly packed inside them are nearly impervious to damage.

Having the proper moving supplies can make a move go smoothly. No one wants to face a mound of damaged goods, unorganized clothing, household items, and unmarked containers when it's time to unpack. The right packing supplies make your move as smooth as a move can be.


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