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Organizing Your Self-Move - Moving Tips

by: Woodrow Aames
01 Dec 2010

The adage, "work smarter, not harder," is not limited to the workplace. If you're planning a self-move to a new home or apartment, organizing your tasks and sticking to a schedule can spare you money and stress.

First things first--moving on a budget doesn't necessarily mean doing it alone. The first step when organizing a move is to set a moving date and inform friends and family members who can help out to put it on their calendars. Family members living under your roof should be assigned the responsibility of clearing out closets and drawers, deciding what to keep and what to recycle, and packing their own belongings. That's if they're old enough to handle it.

Planning for the Necessities in Moving

You want a budget move, but you still may have to rent a van or truck for moving day. Make reservations well in advance of the move so you won't be stranded. Be sure to ask friends, family members, and co-workers if you can borrow a truck or van. Line these up at your earliest convenience, too, and be sure to remind people closer to moving day of their commitment to help (ask nicely).

Start rounding up boxes and packing materials early. You may be able to find cartons at markets and chain stores, copy paper boxes from offices, or recycle bins. Choose only clean and dry boxes. Ask friends and co-workers if they have suitable boxes they'd like to get rid of. Slow, steady progress can keep you from having to round up boxes on moving day. Keep them flattened until you're ready to fill them.

Hold garage sales or post adds online to sell stuff you don't want to move. If you haven't used something in a year, chances are good you never will. Apply the money you make against the cost of rental truck or packing materials.

Self-Move Packing Details

Contact the post office and fill out a forwarding mail request (you can often do this online). Call utility companies (phone, cable, satellite, electricity) and order an end of service, with final bills mailed to your new address. Don't forget about a begin date for services at your new location. If necessary, arrange for child care or pet sitting for the day of your move.

Label each box as you pack for the destination room at your new home. Be sure to put together several days of clothing, special medications, and food for each person moving and store them in your car on the day of move so you won't have to plow through boxes. Be sure you have sufficient cash on hand, a flashlight, bottled water, toiletries, and paper plates and silverware.

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