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Making the Most of a Self-move

by: Allison Millar
01 Dec 2010

Whether you're moving across the country or around the corner, there are plenty of details to consider. If you're on a limited budget or have a small apartment to move, you're probably planning to self-move with a rent a truck. Moving alone is ideal for those who want to save money and don't mind planning the move and doing the leg work.

Tips on Moving

To make a self-move effective, focus first on weeding out and organizing your stuff. Are there boxes of books and piles of clothes to give away? Can you donate furniture or sell it? Because you will be moving alone, you'll quickly realize the benefit of paring down your possessions and planning ahead. Among the other tips on moving are:

  • Label your boxes by item and importance. (Kitchen dishes are more important to open quickly than the cupcake pans.)
  • Group boxes by room for ease of opening later.
  • Pack like a real mover. Heavy objects in small boxes. Sheets, towels and other light items in large boxes.
  • Try to get into your new home early so you can take some boxes over before self-move day.
  • Avoid moving in May and September, the industry's busiest moving months. Try to schedule a weekday move and avoid the busy weekends.

The Self-Move Process

Once you have a handle on what to move, think through the whole self-move process. Do you have friends who can help you or will you be moving alone? Will you hire a few guys for the heavy lifting or truly tough it out yourself?

Self-move and Rent a Truck Moves

When planning a self-move, determine if your own car is big enough to carry some of your possessions. If you have oversized items or lots of furniture, think about renting a truck or van. Measure your furniture and shop around for good deals on truck or van rentals. The extra cost can be worth it, as you'll save the wear and tear on your own car.

Planning Around Your Schedule

When debating a self-move, consider your schedule, physical abilities, and budget. Look around online for tips on moving. In many cases, you'll quickly find that a self-move is an ideal way to save some money and have control over the moving process. With proper planning, a self-move can get you into your new place in no time.


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