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Do Your Homework Before Selecting a Storage Unit

by: Jeffrey Anderson
01 Dec 2010

You may pass storage units every day during your travels and not give them a moment's thought. Most people don't until they need one, and often they need one quickly. Storage units have become very popular over the last decade, and they can be very handy; however, you should know what to look for in a storage unit before you sign that rental contract.

A Good Storage Unit Meets Your Needs

There are all types and sizes of storage units, but two of the biggest differences can be their location and the companies that manage their rentals. Before you start looking for a storage unit, consider the following matters when determining what to look for:

  • Convenience. Are you going to be accessing your storage unit on a frequent basis? If that's the case, think about convenient storage close to your home or workplace, or maybe in-between.
  • Access. When will you visit the storage unit? If the best time for you is on Sundays, make sure they're open then. Get the details on your access rights.
  • Security. Security is very important when you have a storage unit. Is the area well-lit at night, and are there security cameras that monitor all of the units? Are the doors substantial? Security is crucial not just for your belongings, but also for when you are visiting.
  • Electricity. Is there electricity to the units? Can you turn on a light if you are there after dark, or plug in an electrical cord for a power tool?
  • Management. Where is the management office for the storage units, and do they have a 24-hour emergency line? If you're there on a Sunday, and the overhead door jumps off its track, who do you call? How long might it take them to arrive?
  • Storage contract. How long do you need the storage unit? If you need it for only three months, can you rent it for just that long? Is the storage unit more affordable if you rent it for six months or a year, and are they flexible if you want to renew your lease? Is there any fine print you need to be aware of, and when must you clear out your belongings when your lease is about to expire?
  • Upkeep. How does the general area look? Does management keep the area attractive, and are the units clean inside and out? Are there dumpsters available for trash?

Keeping these tips in mind before starting your search can help you find affordable, convenient storage that you and your belongings should be safe using.

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