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Tips on Selecting the Right Truck Rental

by: Allison Millar
01 Dec 2010

What size truck do you need? That's a tricky question because it's often difficult to assess how much stuff you really have. Start by walking around your home and taking an inventory. You'll want to count the number of rooms as well as the number of oversized items.

Couches and beds obviously require more room, so you'll want a truck rental that can accommodate those large items. This is true whether you are doing a local move or making reservations for going across country. You might need a 10-foot truck or a 17-foot truck, depending on the size and amount of your furniture.

Truck Rental 101

The size of the truck rental is important for several reasons. You want a truck that is big enough to fit your queen size sleeper sofa, odd shaped artwork and the rest of your possessions without being too big. Otherwise you'll be paying a higher rental rate than needed and driving a more cumbersome vehicle. Trucks that are too loosely packed can also allow your belongings to shift, potentially causing dents or damage.

In some cases, you might find better rental rates on a van instead of a large truck. If you're moving a small apartment, consider whether a van would be large enough. If the move is local, two trips in a van may be a better deal than one trip in a truck.

Truck Rental Help

Many moving Web sites and rental companies have calculators that can help you narrow down the size of the truck and make local reservations. Start by calculating how many rooms of furniture you have. You'll then enter the information online and it will suggest the best size for your move.

Truck Rental Rates: Getting the Deal

Once you've narrowed down the best size truck rental, do some comparison shopping. Many rental companies offer discounts on truck rental rates for booking online or making reservations during a slow period. Many people move in May and September, so try to schedule your move at another time to get a discount. Truck rental rates often are less expensive during the week, as many people move on the weekends.

You'll also find better rates and availability of truck sizes when you book a few months ahead of your move.

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