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People Who Self Move: Moving by Yourself can Save Money and Provide Peace of Mind

by: Don Butterfield
01 Dec 2010

Moving by yourself can seem like an overwhelming task. However, with proper planning, self-movers can experience significant savings as well as peace of mind knowing that their possessions are organized and safe. With plenty of planning, preparation, forethought, organization, and a little help, many people find self-moving to be a positive experience.

Many People Decide to Self-Move

Self-moving appeals to many people. Students, young adults, and young families are common self-movers because they are looking for cost savings and they often have fewer possessions. However even budget-conscious older professionals often opt to self-move for a variety of reasons.

While budget-minded people commonly move themselves, other people who consider self-moves include:

  • People concerned about having strangers pack and handle their private personal items
  • Those worried about potential breakage
  • Those with concerns about theft
  • People with worries about their personal items being lost in transit
  • Families who want a hassle-free move by avoiding working with an outside party
  • Individuals who want to move on their own timetable

Keys to a Successful Self-Move

A successful self-move comes down to planning and organization as well as the proper materials. Careful attention to wrapping, packing, and preparing your personal items is extremely important for a successful self-move. Proper packing boxes are also critical to protect your items while being moved. They also allow for efficient stacking and storage. It's also crucial to seal the boxes securely so the bottoms don't fall out.

Labeling and organization is another factor for a successful self-move. With a little forethought, boxes of items that eventually go in the same room can be stacked together. This can result in a less stressful move because it helps ensure the appropriate boxes of items end up in the appropriate rooms of your new home. This also saves you valuable time with more efficient unpacking.

With proper care, forethought, and organization, you can join the many people who successfully move themselves.


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