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Storage Options: Movers or Self-Storage?

by: Allison Millar
01 Dec 2010

Storage has become a much needed service during a move. You may have your house on the market and need to declutter. Or, you may have to rent a smaller place for a few months until your new house is ready.

Think Flexible With Storage

Regardless of your situation, storage is a flexible option that allows you to safeguard your belongings while attending to your moving related issues. The two main storage options are self-storage and storage through a moving company.

Focus on the amount and size of items you need to store; your access to a truck (for self-storage); and your tolerance for moving items yourself. Cost is another factor because moving company storage typically is more expensive. The benefit is that someone else is doing all the work!

Storage Through a Mover

Moving companies offer several options for local storing before, during, and after a move. This can be particularly helpful if you are moving across the country and are not familiar with the local storage options in your new town.

Among the questions to ask are:

  • Will the items be stored on a truck or in a warehouse?
  • Will the space be heated or cooled? This is important for longer term storage of furniture and other items affected by temperature changes.
  • How flexible can the company be with move in and move out dates?
  • Are the items insured?
  • Will you have access to the items during storage?

Also consider that it can be less expensive to store items on a mover's truck versus a warehouse because the movers have fewer moves to make.

Consider Flexible Self-Storage

Self-storage is a good option for those with smaller loads to store or who want to save money by handling the storage themselves. This option is more flexible because you can visit the self-storage unit and add or take items out as needed.

While storage units are plentiful in some areas, make sure there is one near your home or office. If you plan to make several trips, consider travel time as it relates to truck rental and gasoline costs.

A Primer on Storage Fees

When selecting storage options, fees are an obvious consideration. Ask about local storage rates and whether there are minimum charges. Some storage units offer discounts based on the length of time you store. Your moving company may have similar incentives.

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