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Truck Rental: What You Need to Know for Successful Do-It-Yourself Moving

by: Laura Horwitz
01 Dec 2010

Truck Rental Tips for Do-It-Yourself Moving

Is your move local or are you moving to a different state? That's the most important factor when it comes to truck rental rates. Not all truck rental companies allow you to return the truck in a different state, especially if they're a smaller company and don't have a branch in your new location. Other companies charge high fees for one-way trips, making it more cost-effective to just hire a moving company. When you're getting an estimate, ask about any extra fees.

Next, find out about any special deals like seasonal discounts one company may offer that another one doesn't. You can sometimes save a lot of money if you find a reputable company having a sale.

Finally, calculate what size truck you're going to need. For a long-distance move, you need to be absolutely certain you can fit everything into the truck. Even for a local move, it's usually more cost effective and convenient to move everything at once instead of making multiple trips.

Reservations: You Absolutely Need Them!

Do not wait until the day you want to move, or even the day before, to try and rent a truck. Even if you can find one at the last minute, it probably won't be the size you need--all of your stuff won't fit or or it's way too large and you end up paying for extra for space you won't use.

The peak season for moving is from the end of May through September, so you definitely need reservations during those months. Most people also move on the weekends, so if you're able to move on a weekday you may get better rental rates. Similarly, people tend to move toward the beginning or end of the month, meaning you may have better options if you can move mid-month.

Insurance for a Truck Rental

After finding the right company and negotiating the best rental rates, the next most important thing for a do-it-yourself move is the insurance. Truck rental companies usually offer insurance but it may be expensive so talk to your own auto insurance company first. You may already be covered when driving the rental truck or your insurance company may have a reasonable moving insurance package. Also contact your credit card company; some higher-end cards offer built-in protection.

The two most common types of insurance are Supplemental Liability insurance and Limited Damage Waiver insurance. Make sure you know exactly what the insurance covers and what the deductible is before buying anything.

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