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Self-storage without Stress

by: Woodrow Aames
01 Dec 2010

At some point in life, most people can benefit from temporary self-storage. Perhaps you:

  • Have too many collections or pieces of furniture to fit inside your current residence.
  • Need to store everything while traveling for fun or on a job search.
  • Want to store your gear during college vacations or when moving back in with family.

Whatever your reason, there are several self-storage companies throughout the country that offer many convenient storage containers and options. It's easy to find facilities of national-brand storage companies in most towns, along with privately owned storage yards. With a little research, you can find a wide range of storage choices and prices. You can even book a quick storage unit online, with some companies offering to mail you backing supplies as part of the storage agreement.

Understanding Self-Storage Options

Balancing your needs with your budget, you can rent storage units that range in size from something similar to a small closet, to a space that can hold the contents of an entire home. Typically, units come in the following configurations:

  • 10 feet x 5 feet
  • 10 feet x 10 feet
  • 10 feet x 20 feet
  • 15-feet x 20 feet
  • 20-feet x 20-feet

Some self-storage units are arranged along driveways, providing access from your car or moving van, while others are stacked on several floors of a building, where you use moving carts to tote your possessions up elevators to the doors of your storage unit.

Rent options include weekly payments, month-to-month contracts, six-month contracts, or one-year contracts for temporary storage. Depending on your contract, you may have to pay additional funds for unused time if you move sooner. Read the terms carefully.

Self-Storage Security

Although business offices may be closed on certain days and times, renters have access to their self-storage units 24/7. You're usually expected to buy your own lock, and it's wise to get one of the best disc-style locks available. They are harder to crack with simple tools and cutters. Units typically have roll-up doors when facing a driveway, or they may have sliding gates when housed inside a larger structure.

Depending on the company, access to the storage facility is controlled by a keypad-activated gate, security guards, surveillance cameras, or card scanners. Nonetheless, you're ultimately responsible for your possessions in the event of theft, unless you take out self-storage unit insurance--available with many quick storage companies.

Self-storage companies do not allow you to store illegal substances, live animals, flammable liquids or gasses, explosives, hazardous materials, food items, or paint in the units. If you plan on storing gas-powered vehicles or lawn care tools, you must drain the fuel before placing them in the storage unit.

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