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Truck Rental: Research can be the Key to Significant Savings for Self-Movers

by: Don Butterfield
01 Dec 2010

Many Reasons for Truck Rental

People have many different reasons for renting trucks or trailers, but they all have one thing in common. They want a good deal. Your moving options include moving trucks, pickup trucks and vans, and trailers. Potential truck renters include:

  • Do-it-yourself movers--relocating to a new home or moving college-bound children
  • Moving personal possessions to storage
  • Transporting unwanted items for disposal

Size Up Your Truck Rental Needs

There are many considerations when renting a truck. How much space do you need? Bigger trucks generally cost more and require more gas. It can be costly to rent too much truck. On the other hand, for moves across town, sometimes a bigger truck makes more sense as opposed to multiple trips with a smaller truck.

Truck rental prices can vary greatly, so it pays to shop around. Different dealers offer different rental rates on a variety of truck sizes. If you're willing to do a little research, you can probably find a good deal.

Truck Rental Details, Details, Details

It's important to check all of those little details that can make a good deal go bad:

  • License and Insurance. Make sure you rent from a licensed dealer and look into whether you're covered by insurance. Your auto insurance might cover rental trucks, but it is important to check. Most truck rental agencies offer insurance for an additional cost but you don't want to pay more if you are already covered. Conversely, you definitely don't want to drive a rental truck uninsured.
  • Fuel Refill Options. You are usually offered a fuel refill option--you fill up the truck with gas before returning it or leave it up to the dealer. Often the dealer refill option is considerably more expense; sometimes it's not, so weigh your inconvenience against what might be pennies per gallon.
  • Mileage Charges. Be aware of mileage charges. That really good day rental rate may not be such a great deal if your dealer also charges by the mile.
  • Broken Truck. Look closely at the dealer's service agreement so you know who's responsible in case your truck breaks down and how to get it taken care of. Some questions to consider--do you get a different truck? Who transfers your possessions from one truck to another? If there's a delay, do you get extra rental days without being charged?
  • Truck Features. Different trucks come with different features such as GPS navigation, air conditioning, sound systems, and low profile trailer decks.
  • Extras. Some companies provide dollies and moving blankets with the truck rental but most charge extra. You want to make sure you know what's included in the rental fee and what may be added to your bill.

With some careful thought and planning, truck rental can be a major part making your self-move a success.


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