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Truck Rental or Movers: Understanding the Pros and Cons

by: Allison Millar
01 Dec 2010

So, you've decided to move and are debating the big question. Do you go with a truck rental (and call all your friends) or hire movers?

This can be tricky because moving is more intense than it seems. A truck rental sounds like the right answer from a financial perspective, but there are times when movers can actually save you time and money. Which way should you go?

Truck Rental Options

A truck rental is a great option for local moving when you have a small apartment or house. With this type of self moving, you just find a few friends to help and away you go. Just realize that there is lots of work involved (even with a local move), including:

  • Checking rates and making reservations
  • Picking up the truck and learning to drive it
  • Loading the truck to maximize space and prevent breakage
  • Unloading the truck and returning it

With self moving, you need to consider your physical condition--your ability to lift heavy objects and stand for long periods of time. Think about how long the move can take with friends versus professional movers. Can you meet any deadlines for moving out of your current place?

You also want to talk with your insurance agent about coverage for any damage to the truck. Also, make reservations early because truck rentals book early during prime moving season and on weekends.

Hiring Local Movers

If you've moved a few times, you may be leaning toward hiring movers to do all the work. This is a great option for those who have a bigger budget and want to avoid heavy lifting and bending. The key to success is finding the right movers who can meet your timing, needs, and price point.

The one downside to hiring movers is the cost; this avenue can be several times more expensive than a truck rental and buying friends a pizza. You also need to spend time checking references, interviewing movers, and comparing bids.

Movers or a Truck Rental?

Truck rental is ideal for many people, but it gets tricky as your possessions grow and your friends start to avoid your calls around moving time. Yes, it's true. You can wear out your welcome with friends and moving. Weigh all the options before deciding which path to take.

Charlie Morris • Staff •

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