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Portable Storage, What is It?

by: Jessica Santina
01 Dec 2010

What is portable storage? Sometimes called mobile storage or mobile pods, they are essentially large containers that can be delivered by professionals to your residence or business, affordably stored on-site for as long as needed, are airtight, lock to keep items safe, and can be picked up at your convenience. Because they are much more versatile, convenient, and affordable than moving trucks, traditional storage units, or backyard storage sheds, their uses are endless.

You Might Need Portable Storage If...

  • You're selling your home. Staging your home to sell means de-cluttering and de-personalizing your space. What do you do with all your knick-knacks and excess furniture? Have a portable storage unit delivered, and either keep it on-site and out of plain view, or have it delivered to another location. Many portable storage companies have storage areas, so they can keep your unit for you, until you're ready for it. You can hang onto the unit as long as you need it; just pay by the month. It's airtight and locks, so your belongings remain safe.
  • You're moving. Especially if you're on a limited budget, or if you need to spread your move out over days or weeks. Portable storage is more affordable than a rented truck, which you'll generally pay for by the day (not to mention gas), and you'll get a professional driver without the cost of hiring professional movers.
  • You're remodeling or redecorating. Whether you need to clear a corner for the Christmas tree, empty the backyard for a party, or remodeling your kitchen, you'll need a place to keep all your stuff in the meantime. Delivering it to a storage unit elsewhere means you're loading and unloading twice, as well as paying for a rental truck. With portable storage, you can keep it at your home, so you can access your belongings conveniently.
  • You need to ship a large quantity of goods. Need to send inventory out of state? Portable storage units can be shipped. And because only you keep the key, your items are safe until you get there.
  • You need extra workspace. Whether you work in construction and need to maintain an on-site, makeshift office, or you need to spread out as you complete your inventory, portable storage is a great temporary workstation. It's much more convenient and affordable than renting an office space somewhere, since you can put it right on-site.

The uses of portable storage are limitless. And since it is affordable, comes in a variety of sizes, and is much more affordable and practical than truck rentals, it's a great storage and moving solution.

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