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Free Moving Supplies Can Save You A Bundle

by: Marshall McCauley
01 Dec 2010

One way to save money during your next move is to find and use free moving supplies. With a little effort, you can find everything you need to successfully pack and move your stuff, and it won't cost you a dime. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ask Local Stores for Boxes

An essential item, packing boxes protect your movables, keep things organized, and are perfect for carrying, stacking, and storing just about everything during the move. You are going to need lots of them and having different sized boxes on hand can help you pack faster and more efficiently. Instead of buying new boxes, ask your local grocery store, restaurant, or liquor store if they have any reusable boxes that you can have for free. These types of businesses usually have lot of boxes available, and giving them away often saves the business the headache of bundling and recycling the cardboard.

Get Creative with Packing Paper

Used to wrap plates, glasses, and other fragile household items, store bought packing paper is really just newspaper without the ink. Your local recycling center has an abundant supply of paper, or better yet, ask the local newspaper if you can have several copies of yesterday's unsold editions. Another great place to get free newspaper is convenience stores and newsstands, as they are usually responsible for disposing of unsold and outdated papers and magazines.

Use Household Items as Moving Blankets

To avoid damaging your furniture during your move, businesses that rent moving trucks recommend using moving blankets to cover table tops and other large items that may have boxes stacked on top of them while in transit. They also hope that you will rent a few moving blankets for about $8 a pop. Well, you probably have a closet full of towels, blankets, and sheets that can be used for free. Bed pillows and sofa cushions are also perfect for protecting fragile items during the move.

Free Moving Supplies: Other Sources

If you're running out of options around your own house, consider these ideas:

  • Look on online or print classified ads. You might find someone who wants to avoid a trip to the recycling center by giving away all of their packing materials from a recent move.
  • Local stores may also be good sources for free bubble wrap or packing peanuts, as they may get regular shipments containing these.

With a little creative planning, you can find many free moving supplies to use during your next move. Pack carefully and good luck.


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