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Time for the Big Move? A Moving Budget Can Help

by: Rob Sabo
01 Dec 2010

Moving is an expensive proposition. Just like it pays to have a shopping list before hitting the grocery store to avoid unnecessary purchases, it's also wise to plan out a budget when moving to avoid unnecessary costs. Services offered by moving companies vary greatly, and pricing is different between professional movers as well depending on what services you hire them for and if you purchase moving insurance.

Creating a Moving Budget: Keeping Your Move Within Your Means

Before choosing a mover, you first must decide if you want to hire a full-service moving company that handles all aspects of your move--the costliest way to move--or if you'd rather pick a mover that allows you to pack your stuff and drives it to your new location. The costs are very much in your favor if you are willing to pack your goods and load them onto a truck. These cheaper movers are known as "You Pack, We Drive" movers in the industry. But this type of service isn't for everyone: if you don't have sufficient manpower or strength to haul a heavy washer or huge armoire, you may need to go with a full-service moving company regardless of additional costs.

Your moving budget should contain the following information:

  • Storage expenses if you need to store any goods
  • Rental car expenses if shipping your vehicle
  • Gasoline costs (AAA has a great gas calculator tool that helps you figure out fuel costs)
  • Hotel room if traveling for one or more nights
  • Food, both for yourself and anyone helping you move
  • Moving insurance to protect your valuables during transit
  • All costs associated with leaving your old home and establishing yourself in your new residence such as deposits with utility companies

Additional Moving Expenses

Moving companies charge more for expedited service, flight service--carrying your goods up stairs--and for preparing major appliances for transit. You can either add these costs as line items to your budget or save money on your move by readying large appliances yourself and by planning ahead to avoid an expedited move.

Other costs associated with your move can include:

  • Packing supplies
  • Boxes

By planning ahead and budgeting, you can avoid a great deal of moving stress.

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