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Why Choosing a Licensed Long Distance Moving Company is Important

by: Roger Diez
01 Dec 2010

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving is a big job. Packing all your household possessions, loading them in a truck, transporting them to your new home, unloading, unpacking--it can be overwhelming. Which is why many people choose to use a professional mover for their relocation, particularly if they are moving a long distance.

Find a Moving Company

You can choose from big national moving companies or smaller local outfits. Shop around. You don't want to pay more than you have to for a mover, but you also don't want your moving company to cut corners. So do your homework and pick a mover that is professional but reasonably priced.

Moving Company Licensing and Insurance

Moving companies must comply with both federal and state licensing and insurance requirements in order to transport your belongings anywhere in the United States. The problem is that licensing and insurance policies can be revoked or can lapse, with the result that you may unwittingly be at risk when you contract with a mover. So it is in your best interest to check the current status of your chosen mover to ensure that their licensing and insurance are current and in force. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the appropriate agency in your state can verify this information. Also check with your local Better Business Bureau and any movers' associations in your state for references.

Moving Contracts are Your Protection

Be sure to thoroughly read and understand your moving contract. If you are uncertain, consult with your lawyer to make sure you are fully protected. A moving contract should include:

  • Contact information on the company: name, address, phone, fax, email
  • Time and date of both pickup and delivery
  • Addresses of the origin and destination of the move
  • Insurance policy information
  • Payment terms

Moving contracts should include every detail of the move. If your moving company does your packing, make sure the moving contract covers the terms and the cost.

Verification Can Reduce Moving Stress

When your belongings arrive at your new home, be there to supervise the unloading. Check everything against your inventory and inspect for damage. If you wait months to file an insurance claim because you didn't notice broken or missing items, your claim may be denied.

If you have done your homework, selected a professional moving company with the proper licensing, insurance, and references, your move should go smoothly and your belongings should arrive at your new home intact and on time.

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