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Ready. Set. Go. What to Do Before the Moving Labor Arrives

by: Allison Millar
01 Dec 2010

Moving day is always a little hectic, so it helps to be as organized as possible. If you've hired moving labor, you want to have everything packed and ready to go when they arrive. This makes the process more efficient and possibly reduce costs because moving companies often charge by the hour.

Preparing for Moving Labor to Arrive

Packing is a big job and can lead to plenty of moving stress. The worst thing you can do is leave it until the last minute when nerves are on edge. To help reduce your moving stress, have a plan and attack it little by little. Start early to give away or sell books, clothes, and furniture that you no longer want. Then:

  • Buy or find boxes and packing supplies.
  • Make a list of what you plan to move yourself, such as your prized artwork. Before moving day, discuss any special items you need help moving and get estimates for extra charges.
  • Pack strategically to help those carrying boxes--large boxes for light items like sheets; small ones for books.

When packing, go room to room and think function. What can you live without for a few weeks and pack early, such as extra sheets, towels, and books? The coffee maker, however, should wait until the night before. Label each box, adding any special notes on those that should be opened right away.

Questions for the Moving Labor

As you finalize your moving contract, iron out all the details.

  • Do they unload boxes according to room and have one laborer assigned to steer boxes into the rooms?
  • What time do they plan to arrive and do they take breaks?
  • Do you need to arrange elevator time in your building or ensure there is space out front for the truck?
  • Do they plan to have a dedicated person assigned to safeguard your items outside as others are carrying boxes?

Once your packing plan is in place, focus on moving day. Plan to keep children and animals out of the way so they don't interfere with the moving labor. Ask a friend to watch them in another location or find a quiet room for them to stay in at home. This reduces their moving stress and helps moving labor do their job.

Getting ready for movers is a big job, but your upfront planning can pay off in big ways.

Annika Mengisen • Special to Relocation.com • http://www.relocation.comhttp://www.relocation.com/library/moving_guide/simple_way_to_pack.html