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Using Cheap Labor for Moving Isn't Always Your Best Move

by: Jeffrey Anderson
01 Dec 2010

How many times have you cringed when you heard a friend was moving? Be honest with yourself, you were hoping that they planned on hiring professional moving labor, and you wouldn't be stuck with carrying boxes and moving furniture up and down flights of stairs. Now that you are planning your own move, give your friends a break by using professionals for the task.

The Difference Between Cheap Labor and Paying for Moving is Control and Knowledge

When you plan on your friends to help with your move, you have no control over how long they plan to be there or if they even show up. Friends often agree to help because you may have put them on the spot. They may jump at any chance to leave early or even cancel at the last minute. It can turn into a long day, if you end up being your only moving labor.

Professional moving companies show up on time and stay until the job is complete. Paid labor doesn't end up out in the yard throwing your Frisbee around while the truck is only half full. A few other good reasons for paying for moving:

  • Professional movers have experience moving furniture, and know how to get it to your new home in one piece. When your friends drop your antique roll top desk, your cheap labor may end up being more expensive than you thought.
  • Heavy moving requires a knowledge of how to lift objects, something your friends may not know. You don't want to be responsible for one of your friends throwing out their back or giving themselves a hernia.
  • Packing correctly is an art. Professional movers know they are responsible for your items during the move; your friends usually just want the day to be over with and may not take quite as much care with your belongings as you would like.
  • It can be difficult to be critical of your friends' cheap labor. Asking them redo some packing or change how they have stacked furniture in the truck, can often strain friendships. Paid labor is working for you, and you have complete control over your move.

Everyone experiences moving stress, all of your valued belongings have to be packed up, moved, unpacked, and hopefully remain intact during the process. Your belongings are important to you, they have been acquired over your lifetime, some may be expensive, and others may have a sentimental value that you can't put a price tag on. Even if you are moving on a budget, professional moving labor can relieve your moving stress, and may end up costing less than your friends' cheap labor.

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